The waterjet marble tile and medallions is one of the commonly used stone products. Such products are in use since the middle ages in Europe. Technological advancement has brought modern machineries in the market which helped Chinese marble factories to produce high level of products like computer-enabled CNC machines. Waterjet tiles, also known as marble floor medallion is an expensive member in the family of stone products which is widely used in architectural decoration.

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Bathroom Tile Options to Instantly Lift Up Your Mood

Believe it or not your bathroom does have the capability to control your mood. Entering into a bathroom with vibrant colors and inviting designs after a long tiring day can magically remove all your tiredness. Whether you are planning to build a bathroom or to renovate, both involve multiple tough decisions.

Bathrooms are not built or renovated frequently so you must not forget that your eyes have to bear the tile design you choose for many years to come.

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Water jet mosaic tiles deliver unique designs to any room. The words that perfectly define waterjet mosaics are curved lines and artistic patterns. To achieve this look, artisans use a computerized machine named water jet to create precisely cut edges, placing them together accordingly.

More than 50 designs and patterns can be created with the help of waterjet. In this blog, we will be exploring some interesting design features that come with these outstanding mosaics.

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Glass Mosaic or Marble Tile Which is Ideal For Your Project?

The interior design industry offers huge options of tiles making it really difficult for you to select the best option for your decorating requirements. But you can surely help yourself with a little bit of knowledge about the two most popular options – glass mosaic tiles and marble mosaic tiles. This will also help you add a high quality design for your next project. Being aware of the advantages of both glass and marble tiles will make it easy for you to decide about the best option for your project.

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How to Install Mosaic Tiles on the Floor?

Mosaic tiles are the “in” thing these days. They are trendy and will give any room a pop of color when installed right. But installing them correctly in the form of an appealing design is important. What makes mosaic tiles so popular is the design they give out coupled with a proper finishing. So, how do you get the finishing and design right? Read on for tips on installing mosaic tiles on flooring.

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Best Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Deciding on the right finishes for your kitchen tiles is quite a challenging task. Small details like color, design, or style are the hardest to deal with. How to pick and choose one option from the huge world of backsplash surfacing?

Whether remodeling or structuring a new kitchen, you usually don’t get enough time to make umpteen decisions. Kitchen tile for backsplash is one such element you will want to spare some time on.

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Bathroom Tile Trends that will Rule 2019

Choosing a suitable tile for bathrooms is a cumbersome task. You cannot always go for anything that attracts your eyes because the bathroom space requires safety along with a decent look. The market is flooded with modern bathroom tiles that come with unique designs, colors, styles, shapes and textures which are enough to give you lifetime confusion.

It is not something that we frequently change keeping a pace with the trend. That is why we always would prefer design and style that will not go out of trend soon.

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Top Kitchen trends that are Here to Stay

Giving your kitchen a modern makeover can cost you a hefty amount of money and that is why you need to select designs that perfectly reflects your personality and come with a long lifespan. The kitchen is the place at home where happiness is cooked, so it definitely deserves an ultra-modern look. As a center of almost all activities at your home, the new trends in flooring tiles are constantly upgrading themselves to make living and cooking more efficient while looking aesthetically impressive.

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Choosing the Best Floor Tile Pattern or Mosaic Design

It is rightly said that there is no place like home on earth and every bit of our homes is designed by our dreams.

We leave no stones unturned in making it an attractive one and when it comes to adding creativity to homes I think nothing offers a better scope than its flooring. You can call me biased or obsessed but I am absolutely in love with floor tiles.

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How to Choose Beautiful Kitchen Back-splash Tiles

Designing or remodeling a kitchen is a strenuous process. You will need to make a lot of design decisions. What makes a kitchen remodel tricky is the fact that there are so many elements involved and they all need to coexist in the space. From the cabinets to the countertop, everything needs to work well together and at the same time, should be made of durable materials.

One of the crucial elements of a kitchen is the back-splash tiles.

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