Glass Mosaic or Marble Tile Which is Ideal For Your Project?

Glass Mosaic or Marble Tile Which is Ideal For Your Project?

The interior design industry offers huge options of tiles making it really difficult for you to select the best option for your decorating requirements. But you can surely help yourself with a little bit of knowledge about the two most popular options – glass mosaic tiles and marble mosaic tiles. This will also help you add a high quality design for your next project. Being aware of the advantages of both glass and marble tiles will make it easy for you to decide about the best option for your project.

  1. Looks and aesthetics

When it comes to style both glass and marble tiles are widely accepted due to their extraordinary appearance that brings life to any space. However, they defer from each other in few aspects which will ultimately help you choose the best suited option for you. Marble is a kind of a natural stone that offer vibrant colors and stylish patterns on tiles beautifying the entire project. In contrast, glass tiles also come in various colors and patterns but tend to provide simple and sober styles.

  1. Longevity

Choosing a suitable tile option highly depends on the kind of renovation and decoration you have plans to do on a particular area. Marble tiles are superior to glass tiles in terms of versatility and suitable for a wide range of projects. Although they offer both indoor and outdoor application but they are popularly used in kitchen backsplashes due to their classy appeal and long lasting nature. In contrast glass tiles can only be used in indoors including the kitchen backsplash.

  1. Durability and stain resistance

You must always consider these two aspects of tiles while making your purchasing decision. When it comes to durability marble stones again win the race. They hardly brake, chip or show any kind of damage which is one of the reasons why people prefer marbles for most of their projects. Glass tiles are also very strong and designed to be durable. However they are a bit more fragile than marbles. Stain resistance is another aspect which has to be taken into account. Apart from being durable, marbles, with the proper sealer applications, can resist all types of stains effectively. Glass tiles also reject all types of stains effectively.

  1. Scratch resistance

Scratch resistant tiles are extremely important to keep the beauty of tiles intact for a long period. This becomes more import when you choose tiles for an area which frequently comes in touch with hard materials. Well unfortunately none of the above mentioned tiles provide a complete stain protection. However due to its strong surface Marbles tend to hold up much better when it comes to scratches. Glass tiles are also fairly scratch resistant but much more fragile. Even a slight scratch can turn into a full crack rapidly.

  1. Affordability

Glass tiles come in a variety of price tags. Though they are comparatively cheaper than marbles but some glass tiles even range more than marbles. On the other hand marbles are relatively expensive but as mentioned due to the price variation of glass tiles, there are few glass tiles which cost even more than marbles. The installation cost of both the tiles depends on the complexity of the project.

After going through the competitive study between the glass tile and marble you will realize that they do not differ much from each other. But it is a fact that there are visible disadvantages of using glass tiles as they are fragile and prone to damage while marble tiles can easily handle such issues. Glass tiles have limited capacity whereas marble tiles can be used for various purposes and keep the beauty intact for many years. Whichever you choose make sure that you buy a high quality material which will fulfill the aesthetic and functional demands of your project. You can search for marble tiles suppliers near you to find marble tiles online.


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