Top Kitchen trends that are Here to Stay

Top Kitchen trends that are Here to Stay

Giving your kitchen a modern makeover can cost you a hefty amount of money and that is why you need to select designs that perfectly reflects your personality and come with a long lifespan. The kitchen is the place at home where happiness is cooked, so it definitely deserves an ultra-modern look. As a center of almost all activities at your home, the new trends in flooring tiles are constantly upgrading themselves to make living and cooking more efficient while looking aesthetically impressive.

Whether you have plans to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or building a new one, you cannot afford to miss the latest kitchen trends that are sure to stand the test of time.

Keeping this in mind, J & L Tile a leading tile suppliers in Mississauga have come up with 6 major emerging modern kitchen trends that will keep you in the right direction to achieve the desired look for your kitchen.

  1. Classic tile shape

Classic subway tiles are versatile in nature and can be installed in various ways. For example, depending on your tastes and preferences you can go for stacked joints or alternating or even install it vertically instead of a horizontal display. Apart from this, there are endless numbers of attractive shapes that show no signs of going out of trend soon. Some of these shapes include hexagonal and even mosaic tiles.

Apart from this, there are endless numbers of attractive shapes that show no signs of going out of trend soon. Some of these shapes include hexagonal and even mosaic tiles.

2. Open shelving

Stylish and affordable are the words that perfectly describe open shelving for top kitchens. Many people have opted for this solution to flaunt their attractive dishware. The concept has gained much popularity when it comes to dishware like glasses and plates which are frequently used. It provides easy installation and also encourages you to not to accumulate clutter.

3. Zone specific lighting

Proper lighting is crucial for a kitchen space because this is the place where you chop, cut, clean and see what you are cooking. However, if after ten years if you do not like the lighting fixture or wish to change it, you can do it too. As long as the wiring is there it is easy to swap it for a completely new look.

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4. A gorgeous sink with a built-in sprayer

Needless to say, that kitchen sinks are the most frequently used element in the space. However, we often overlook the fact that we can make it interesting as well with the latest designs. For instance, a large sink with a sprayer in the faucet is a great idea for extra large pots and pans that refuse to fit in a dishwasher. Gone are those days when these elements were considered to be luxurious, today they are just about standard.

5. Curved colorful appliances

If you are bored with your stainless steel appliances and wish to try something new then these curved, bright colored appliances are fun to consider. These tools are not only perfect for the modern living; they also provide a vintage appeal to your kitchen adding an evergreen touch to it.

6. Little upper cabinetry

It’s a fact that upper cabinets offer a great space for storage but it often makes space appear smaller than really it is. Moreover, you always need to take the help of a step stool to reach out to space. Using open shelving instead of upper cabinets allows you visual display and also store cooking items with a stylish and sober look.

You can take design ideas from these trends for 2019 to give your kitchen a modern and timeless look.

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