Bathroom Tile Options to Instantly Lift Up Your Mood

Bathroom Tile Options to Instantly Lift Up Your Mood

Believe it or not your bathroom does have the capability to control your mood. Entering into a bathroom with vibrant colors and inviting designs after a long tiring day can magically remove all your tiredness. Whether you are planning to build a bathroom or to renovate, both involve multiple tough decisions.

Bathrooms are not built or renovated frequently so you must not forget that your eyes have to bear the tile design you choose for many years to come. That is why I would recommend you to try out vibrant shades and shapes in tiles for your bathroom space.

Considering the fact that bathroom occupies a small space, there is no harm in taking a bit of style risk if it reflects your taste. Here are some bathroom tile ideas that you can try for your next bathroom renovation project.

1. Glass mosaic accent

Wish to add something refreshing to your bathroom tile design? Glass mosaics are the best option to input vibrant colors, shine and shape to your shower, recessed shelf or backlash. Glass mosaics allow you to create a framed accent, a stripe or a full wall that has already completed the work of combining colors and materials together.

2. Subway tile accent

When it comes to a versatile tile option, subway tiles top the list. It provides a classic yet modern look to your bathroom space that surely stand the test of time. It is available in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials to add a modern twist to your bathroom. You can also modify the appearance of your subway tiles by simply playing with contrasting grout colors.

3. Large format tiles

Large format tiles come with a countless number of benefits. They are capable of covering large areas and comparatively easier to clean as it has fewer grout lines. It magically makes the room appear bigger and a lot of people prefer it due to its elegance it adds to any room. You can simply amp up the overall look of your bathroom with these large format tiles.

4. Bathroom wall tile

Bathroom tiles for walls are easy to clean, durable and offer you the scope to add extraordinary styles to your space. You can get your desired design and style easily with bathroom tiles. So, spice up your bathroom walls by using different patterns and combinations available in these tiles.

5. Bathroom shower tile

Tiles are the most preferred materials for shower or tub as they are water resistant and easy to clean. It does have the ability to transform an overlooked part of your home into a stunning showpiece. You must plan your next bathroom renovation project keeping your shower or tub tile in mind. It is not necessary to match them but you must make sure that all the tiles in your bathroom should look like a part of a cohesive design.

6. Bathroom floor tiles

Matching floor and bathroom tiles are quite common, instead of doing that you can go for contrasting color, shape and material options. You can choose dramatic dark floor tiles while you can opt for white tiles in your walls. If you are not into dark or bold shades try coordinating colors in floor and walls and use different shapes to go with an interesting appeal.

Now when you have different bathroom tile ideas in your stock, it will be easier for you to choose a design for your next renovation project. Contact experienced and renowned bathroom tile suppliers who suggest you the best for your space.

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