Design Variations in Water Jet Mosaic

Water jet mosaic tiles deliver unique designs to any room. The words that perfectly define waterjet mosaics are curved lines and artistic patterns. To achieve this look, artisans use a computerized machine named water jet to create precisely cut edges, placing them together accordingly.

More than 50 designs and patterns can be created with the help of waterjet. In this blog, we will be exploring some interesting design features that come with these outstanding mosaics.

The best thing about these mosaics is that they can be used on floor and walls both and typically made of stones. Unlike the conventional mosaics, these mosaics can be curved due to the water jet cutting process which promotes sustainability by utilizing most of each material.

Wainscot wallpaper effect

The term wainscot refers to the covering of the lower portion of a wall with wooden paneling. To complete the look you can simply use an accent wall on the upper portion and also a matching tile on the lower half to match the style and warmth. These tiles are easily blendable and you can also experiment with different materials other than stone, glass or porcelain.

Exquisite accent

To obtain a wallpaper-like look you can cover your walls from the top to the bottom. Mosaic tile offers a long-lasting solution for wet areas and gives you the scope to go bold with your design. Water jet mosaics can also be applied in the kitchen to create a spectacular backsplash that perfectly suits with the rest of the space. Decorate your accent walls using water jet mosaics with feminine floral design.

Detailed floors

Give your bathroom a complete refreshing makeover with a detailed water jet mosaic that represents your style. These tiles are an amazing option for your bathroom floors. You can cover up the entire space with extraordinary patterns and give mosaics the shapes that go well with the stones to create a rug look. Water jet mosaic simply adds the wow factor into any room by giving it a distinct personality.

Featured frame

Try out these water jet mosaics in the form of a shelf for a smaller custom feature that too add a glamorous touch to the area. You can pick any design of your choice but to achieve the best result you need to consider the best way to feature these unique and intricate statement tiles. These tiles have an incredible ability to bring charm in any space of your house with its wide range of patterns starting from delicate to uncommon.

Water jet mosaic tile

JL tile Canada offers an endless number of designs that has the ability to brighten up any space at your home. So don’t hesitate to give it a try for your next house project.


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