Best Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Best Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Deciding on the right finishes for your kitchen tiles is quite a challenging task. Small details like color, design, or style are the hardest to deal with. How to pick and choose one option from the huge world of backsplash surfacing?

Whether remodeling or structuring a new kitchen, you usually don’t get enough time to make umpteen decisions. Kitchen tile for backsplash is one such element you will want to spare some time on. Though it appears to be a simple task, it actually is not. Choosing a tile with the best color, design, and style for your backsplash is complicated.

When researching you will get a huge variety of options to consider the right one that can have an optimistic effect on your kitchen design. Make sure you don’t fail to notice anything essential to consider when determining a kitchen tile backsplash. Most certainly, there probably may be certain things not on your list. So, it is important to consult a well-established backsplash tile store in Mississauga and your design contractor.

Best Ideas Before Choosing Backsplash Tiles for Your Ideal Kitchen

  • Color and Style

When deciding on the backsplash style, color and pattern is the most initial decision you will want to make. How you want your kitchen backsplash should look; colorful or plain? The kitchen appears to be the most essentially important area in a house.

You want it to be beautiful and attractive. So, choose a pleasing color combination that complements the other shades in your house. Texture and shape also play an important role in choosing an excellent tile option.

What type of tile do you want on your backsplash? Should it be rough, smooth, bumpy, or sanded? Think over the current look of your kitchen. What will go with it?

  • Size, Shape, and Pattern

The size is not something to be overlooked. Your kitchen backsplash tile setting has to reach somewhere. Where it should end up depends on your individual choice. Your kitchen cabinetry can be the major deciding factor.

Cement the backsplash tiles up to the bottom area of your kitchen cabinet. If you want to see more tiles, cement them up to the ceiling in the areas with no cabinets; like over the sink and stove area. Moreover, if you are choosing this option make sure that you are picking up the right size, color, and pattern.


Another important decision to make is choosing the right shape and pattern. Classic field 3 x 6 tiles in a subway layout or 4 x 4 tiles in a straight pattern will give your kitchen a timeless design. Field tiles are the most sustainable features in backsplash tiles.

Specialty tile shapes are everlasting if done in the proper way. They perform well whether you are drawn to color or a neutral tile type; both will have a significant impact on your overall design. You only need to make sure that the shape, color, and design you are picking out for your kitchen backsplash fits well with your entire house.

  • Material

Material plays an equally important role when choosing the kitchen backsplash tiles. Like color, size, and pattern, you also need to puzzle out the right material that will be the best for your kitchen backsplash design.

There is an array of tile material available in the market; some of the most used materials are mirror backsplash tiles, glass backsplash tiles, Mosaic backsplash tiles, and ceramic backsplash tiles.

Mirror backsplash tiles are used to lighten up the area. Moreover, these tiles can make your small kitchen area look considerably larger. Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used and one of the best backsplash kitchen tile ideas to add some more ultra quality to your kitchen interior.

Ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of colors and designs. To add a bit more sparkle and shine into your cooking area use the glass backsplashes. To add more, these tiles are superbly easy to clean.

Mosaic tiles can offer you a unique royal and attractive look. These were just a few examples; there are many more materials in kitchen backsplash tiles to explore.

  • Budget

Budget is again the most important factor to think about when considering the kitchen backsplash tile project. Standard field size tiles can be the best choice if having a tight budget.

If you have selected white field tiles for your kitchen backsplash border those with a few hand-painted pieces. This is again a budget-friendly way to get your kitchen an artistic appeal.

Consider the intended backsplash area; should it reach to the ceiling or it should limit up to a certain height? Once you are clear with the intended area you can select your preferred type of tiles within your budget.

Whatever material, pattern, size, or color you choose for your kitchen backsplash, make sure it is easy to maintain and clean. All different material comes with different level of requisite cleaning and maintenance. Before finalizing the best tile option, set a clear budget and contact the best store for kitchen backsplash tiles in Mississauga to get the right help by talented consultants.

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