Waterjet Marble Tiles – What You Need to Know

The waterjet marble tile and medallions is one of the commonly used stone products. Such products are in use since the middle ages in Europe. Technological advancement has brought modern machineries in the market which helped Chinese marble factories to produce high level of products like computer-enabled CNC machines. Waterjet tiles, also known as marble floor medallion is an expensive member in the family of stone products which is widely used in architectural decoration.


Waterjet marble tiles are classified on the basis of the following categories

1. Classified based on geometric shape

Rectangular and square; fan-shaped and regular polygon; round and oval;

2. Classified based on stone material

Artificial marble; stone quartz, marble; granite

3. Classified based on the application place

Lobby; bedroom; living room; bathroom; stairs and stepping. lounge

Step by step production procedure

The production process of waterjet marble tiles goes in the following way
Selecting material

  • Cutting them into slices
  • Bonding
  • Strengthening
  • Laying
  • Sanding
  • Fixed thickness
  • Polishing
  • Tiles layout
  • Inspecting
  • Assembling
  • Numbering
  • Surface treatment
  • Final inspection
  • Packaging

Selecting stone material

One of the crucial parts of the production procedure is selecting the marble pattern. The quality, artistry, effect and value of the mosaic completely depend on the choice of material. That is why it is important to select a material with fine crystal grains, clear and uniform texture and colors with no cracks.

1. Color

In mosaic patterns the layout color of the stone must be similar with the mosaic but exceptions are there like Calacatta Gold Marble, Green Onyx, Nero Maquina have different colors. Due to the shade difference in slabs, we need to choose the same color marble.

One must make his material choice on the basis of the theory of gradual color transition. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the selection must not affect the aesthetic properties of the marble mosaic tiles.

2. Surface texture

In the entire episode of stone pattern or medallions, the change of the surface texture of the marble is also very important especially for the high quality products with high requirements. The change in texture should be combined with the design to obtain the best results. The direction of the texture is situation dependent and there is no specific standard for it. For instance when it comes to a circular mosaic the texture can be in the circumferential direction or in the radical direction but the consistency of the texture has to be maintained regardless of the direction.

It does not really matter how the texture changes, the focus should always be on how to obtain the artistic effect of the design and decoration of the stone mosaic.

3. Stain, crack, hole, trachoma, color line, mildew

Such stone defects are simply not allowed as the quality of the marble pattern is important. The fact here is that these stones are naturally produced for which certain changes are absolutely not avoidable. That is why almost all stone materials have some kind of flaws in them.

So based on the above mentioned points we can certainly choose materials and avoid mistakes as much as possible. Some appearance defects can be repaired to some extent but the repairing range should not affect the aesthetic properties of the mosaic.

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