How to Install Mosaic Tiles on the Floor?

How to Install Mosaic Tiles on the Floor?

Mosaic tiles are the “in” thing these days. They are trendy and will give any room a pop of color when installed right. But installing them correctly in the form of an appealing design is important. What makes mosaic tiles so popular is the design they give out coupled with a proper finishing. So, how do you get the finishing and design right? Read on for tips on installing mosaic tiles on flooring.

Tips for Installing Mosaic Tiles on the Floor

Some Things to Keep in Mind for Installing the Tiles Right

  1. Start at the center where the layout lines are crossing. Set a layer of thin-set adhesive on the layout quadrant, in three feet squares. Don’t over apply the adhesive, you need to be able to see the tiles.
  2. Apply one tile on the layout quadrant making sure that the edges are set correctly so that it’s a perfect square with the layout quadrant.
  3. Install all the mosaic sheets similarly and make sure the gap between all the tiles is the same.
  4. Work outwards from the center till all the quadrants are set with tiles.

The process of installing the tiles is as follows:

Choosing the Mosaic Tiles

The first step to a good flooring is choosing the best floor tile design to match with the rest of the interior. If the mosaic tile is meant to be used as a compliment to another tile or design, make sure to pick a design and colour that matches the other design. Say you want mosaic flooring with a neutral wall design, a colourful design would be the best choice.

Decide The Layout of The Tiles

Mosaic tiles come in two varieties: one with a paper front and another with a mesh back. If the tiles you choose have a solid sheet of material on the front, install the tiles in such a way that the material is in front. Most tiles with a pattern will have an arrow to help you with the direction they should be laid out in. Or you might need to experiment with different layouts till you get the design right. Step back and check out the pattern at frequent intervals to make sure that you are getting the design right.

Cutting and Setting the Tiles

Generally, you only have to separate the tiles from a sheet that you can cut off with a utility knife. Cut the sheet in a precise manner so they fit the length of the room. You can cut individual tiles with a nibbling tool or a snap cutter.

Setting the tiles requires careful precision. Mortar can rise up from between the joints of the tiles, creating a mess that can be hard to clean. This means time and care has to be taken to install it carefully. You can also take the help of a flooring and ceramic tiles expert to get the tiles installed right.

Removing the Paper Face

Once you’ve successfully installed the tiles, give the mortar a couple of hours to settle and then remove the paper covering the tiles. According to flooring and ceramic tiles experts Mississauga, the right way to remove this paper is by rubbing the tiles with a water soaked sponge. The paper is glued to the tiles with a water-soluble adhesive; therefore, a water sponge will loosen it from the tile. Once, the tiles are rubbed with the sponge, peel away the paper.


You need to grout your tiles 24 hours after installing them. Put the grout over the flooring with a grout float and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Now the grout will have settled over the tile and you can clean the rest with a damp sponge.

Be prepared by gathering the following tools before installing the tiles:

  • Pencil
  • Framing square
  • Tape measures
  • Grout
  • Mixing bucket
  • Rubber mallet
  • Utility knife
  • Thin-set Adhesive
  • Grout sealer
  • Grout float

If you are planning to install mosaic tiles on your floor, look for the best tile flooring companies near you to get good quality material for your flooring. JL Tile is one of the leading flooring tiles companies in Mississauga to meet all your tiling related needs.

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