Bathroom Tile Trends that will Rule 2019

Bathroom Tile Trends that will Rule 2019

Choosing a suitable tile for bathrooms is a cumbersome task. You cannot always go for anything that attracts your eyes because the bathroom space requires safety along with a decent look. The market is flooded with modern bathroom tiles that come with unique designs, colors, styles, shapes and textures which are enough to give you lifetime confusion.

It is not something that we frequently change keeping a pace with the trend. That is why we always would prefer design and style that will not go out of trend soon. Keeping this in mind I have listed down some bathroom tile trends that are here to stay.

  1. Herringbone tile

Herringbone tiles have started gaining popularity from the end of the last year with its ultra modern patterns which are perfect for both flooring and walls of your bathroom. It replicates the charm of classic parquet flooring. To recreate such designs you can go for plain or colored tiles or if you are looking for something extraordinary, you can mix hues to add a bolder look. Herringbone tiles instantly transform the look of your bathroom and are sure to hold its place in popularity in 2019 as well.

  1. Add blues

Blue is probably the most commonly used color in the history of bathrooms. Though it had disappeared for a while but it has made its come back in 2019 and showing no signs of leaving its place soon. Amongst its different shades, Indigo is set to dominate the color trend but azures and turquoise are also in the list. Blue is synonymous to freshness which is a perfect match for bathrooms. The unique patterns and textures available with this color option, will surely steal your heart.

  1. Touch of Gold

If you are looking for an opulent bathroom for the ultimate relaxation, go for gold. Warm metalics have geared up to make its mark in the tile world this year. Using a gold tile as a border or in an alcove like a shower enclosure can add a mesmerizing look to your bathroom. At the same time, you are recommended to put block colors in the background space to give it a soothing look instead of gaudy.

  1. Statement flooring

Selecting bathroom floor is also a strenuous job. However replacing floor tiles is way easier than walls’ because it consumes less space than walls. This is the reason why it is more cost efficient to experiment and add more designs to your bathroom through flooring. This year the concept of statement flooring will have a significant impact on bathroom flooring. It is an amazing replacement for plain boring floor tiles that are available in subtle colors and designs.

  1. Natural wonders

Natural elements are expected to take over your entire home this year, including your bathroom. These elements are the perfect mixture of nature and technology. The best way to decorate your bathroom with this is installing wooden flooring which can be extended to the walls or contrasted with natural stone or marbles. You will instantly get a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom with the help of these natural elements.

  1. Paneling

Last year the traditional Paneling made its place in the trending list giving bathrooms a traditional elegance. Infusing a cool, coastal feel especially in the color of white and light grey, tongue and groove paneling brilliantly frames traditional roll top baths and simple accessories, which is a perfect choice for those who are looking for crisp and clean bathroom designs over elaborated looks.

Now when you know about the trending tiles in Canada that are sure to stand the test of time, you can easily find one of them for your new bathroom to achieve the desired look. Contact a tile supplier who has experience and knowledge in this industry.

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