Tips for Selecting Modern Tiles for Your Bathroom Decor

Tips for Selecting Modern Tiles for Your Bathroom Decor

Bathrooms are probably the busiest place at your home. Starting from taking a shower to washing clothes, everything is done inside those four walls. Due to excessive usage, bathrooms tend to lose their shine and start breaking down after 15 to 20 years and that is why it requires remodeling and designing at regular intervals.

When you think of renovating your bathrooms the first challenge that you face is the idea of flooring. The market is flooded with various designs in bathroom tiles which can simply turn your boring bathroom into an exciting one with vibrant colors and fresh patterns. Having only a pleasing appearance is not enough for the flooring, you need to keep certain things in mind before selecting a tile for it.

If you are someone who wants to add a touch of modernity into his restroom you should consider floor tiles which are cost effective and at the same time provides an extraordinary look to it. Such tiles come with various features but you need to choose the one that fulfills all your demands in this regard. To share your burden of floor tile selection we have mentioned some ideas below that you can utilize while buying floor tiles for your bathroom.

Before getting into a detailed discussion on floor tiles, the three major things, which you need to keep your focus on, are

  • hassle-free maintenance
  • energy efficiency and
  • Brightness

1. Slip-resistant
Majority of tile surfaces become slippery when they come in touch of water and a slippery floor is dangerous especially when you have children and elderly people at home. That is why it is extremely important for you to choose a floor tile that is slip resistant.

2. Tile hardness
Tile hardness is a major concern when it comes to bathroom flooring. It signifies the material’s ability to bear foot traffic and scratches. As I have already mentioned that a washroom is a frequently used place at home and to ensure the safety of your family you need to check the hardness of the tile surface before making the final decision.

3. Trick to make your bathroom appear larger
Light color tiles have the incredible ability to make your bathroom appear bigger than its actual size. You can always go for colors such as white, cream or beige for this purpose. Marble or ceramic/porcelain are also recommended for this application. Large tiles are another way of giving your small room a bigger look.

4. Choose the right finish
The invention of digital printing has made it possible to replicate any design of your choice on a tile. However, recreating designs does not close the chapter here; you need to check the finishing work as well. For example, glossy tiles look good on walls, whereas metallic and mosaics are recommended for bathroom and kitchen walls and so on. For the bathroom flooring, you should opt for the tiles that come with the features like an anti-skid and high resistance with a design that perfectly matches the decor.

Besides all these, the internet also has a lot of options for you in its store. You can ask for Google’s suggestion on the same by typing J&L tile stores Mississauga but you are advised to consider the points that I have mentioned above to stay one step ahead in your research. Your careful choice can help you make a good investment for easy maintenance and Hygiene living.

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